On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 4:50 PM, Samuel Sieb wrote:

My opinion is strongly in line with Kevin, but Chris has a good point. However, isn't it possible to have both.  I'm not familiar with the proprietary drivers other than knowing that the NVidia one is available through rpmfusion.  (Out of the many varieties of laptops I've installed Fedora on (at least 30 different models from various manufacturers), I've only had one that required the NVidia driver.)  If the proprietary driver has a strong dependency on a certain X version, won't that just stop the X server from being upgraded?  In that case, everyone using the open drivers can upgrade and the others will just not get the new X server until they have new drivers available.  I expect this doesn't work if you compile from source though.  Are there many people that do that?

1) proprietary drivers depend on the kernel
2)  yes people do build from source but indirectly via the akmod system used in RPM Fusion

Whether we should care about those users depends on whether we care about users or just our own repositories.   We have in the past done new releases that broke the proprietary drivers and that's somewhat unavoidable but breaking them in an update might too problematic.  I would suggest avoiding that if we can.