On 3/28/06, Toshio Kuratomi <toshio@tiki-lounge.com> wrote:
I think Nicholas Mailhot had an extremely valid point:  The
configuration format (key = value; <key>value</key>; etc) is not a major
stumbling block for a system admin.  It's what the application
developers choose as the name for key and what they fill value with that
make configuration files easy or hard to understand.  Elektra and the
like are seeking to solve a problem that will only marginally aid a
system administrator in editing a config file from a text editor.

Yeah, thats because Elektra main goal is not to help sysadmins, but to help unrelated programs to colaborate automaticaly. this way, helping the sysadmin is an inevitable consequence.

How many times you see regular non-sysadmin Windows users dealing with low level configurations? The answer is exactly "never", because the applications can do this task for themselves instead of asking the user to edit this and that configurations to make all work correctly.

Of course Elektra adds a considerable amount of security and filesystem-like access permissions, compared to what Microsoft did with the their registry.