I do not know about the first two, but I do know that Zimbra v4.x is under MPL 1.1, while Zimbra 5.x is under Y!PL 1.0. OSI has not said anything about Y!PL, but from the differences between Y!PL and MPL, it should be considered a truly open source license. Also, Zimbra 4.x used to be hosted on SourceForge.

On 11/3/07, Jos Vos <jos@xos.nl> wrote:
On Mon, Oct 29, 2007 at 12:47:52PM -0500, Robert 'Bob' Jensen wrote:

> Well just my personal opinion... Zimbra might be doing well but the
> deployment system leaves a lot to be desired. Best I can tell (installed
> on CentOS5) the current version available is packaged with a broken
> tomcat server. There are some other things that should or would need to
> be addressed also such as the way zimbra provides things like mysqld,
> postfix, ok everything that makes zimbra work.
> Step one disable the firewall, step two disable SElinux, step three run
> the install script that will do a lot of things including install the
> rpms...

I'm a bit surprised this thread had so few reactions.  Zimbra is really
a very useful piece of software and the "groupware" category of software
is really missing from Fedora (and most other distros, AFAIK).

IIRC there are build instructions (don't remember if they provide a
src.rpm or spec file, it's a while ago that I looked into it).

But: does it run without a non-free Java?

And: can for the bundled packages that you list above the standard Fedora
versions be used instead?

And last but not least: does Zimbra have a true Open Source license?

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