Okay, thanks. So I guess whether or not this functionality goes into yum or not (to me it seems to be the most intuitive place) is irrelevant. What is important is that there is a tool available that does my 2 steps. Might mock be enhanced to be that tool?

Either way, I think it would be great if the tools for src rpms were just as powerful as those for binary rpms. I understand I'm probably looking over many factors which prevent simple solutions to some of the problems mentioned, but I'm sure the problems are worth solving for the reasons I outlined in my "long, tragic tale" :).

On 11/27/05, Matthew Miller <mattdm@mattdm.org> wrote:
On Sun, Nov 27, 2005 at 08:48:12PM -0500, Sadda Teh wrote:
> 1. Download src rpms and dependent libraries required for successfully
> rebuilding the requested source download(s)
> 2. Extract the the source tarball to some standard location so the developer
> can cd to that dir and be able to immediately do a ./configure && make
> without errors

Why do you assume that there's a source tarball at all? I think if you'll
look at what's inside a lot of source RPMs, you'll find your #2 is a lot
harder than you think.

#1 is also harder than it may appear at first glance. However, there's been
some good work at addressing it. Check out "mock":

But for #1: what you want is "mock".

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