I'm thinking the "yum install --source packagename" would do the following:

1. Download src rpms and dependent libraries required for successfully rebuilding the requested source download(s)
2. Extract the the source tarball to some standard location so the developer can cd to that dir and be able to immediately do a ./configure && make without errors

I agree that having this functionality in yum may not be the best place. But, since yum already handles dependency resolution, how hard would this functionality really be to add? I just tried yumdownloader  --source and all it did was download the src rpm to the current dir and nothing more. This is one step removed from going to the FTP and downloading the file. I tried yumdownloader --source yum-utils and it didn't even work. So it's clear yumdownloader does not have the functionality I desire, nor the functionality that it probably should have at a bare minimum (that is finding src equivalents of binary packages).

As for one tool doing one job well (a dogmatic mantra to begin with)... yum-utils is a 19K RPM. Is this so much code that it couldn't be integrated into yum? is someone saying the 19K of code is going to destroy yum's pristine architecture? So beyond actually adding code to yum to download the src rpm, would adding step 2. be such a conceptual leap for a tool that probably should have factored in this functionality from its inception?

On 11/27/05, Matthew Miller <mattdm@mattdm.org> wrote:
On Sun, Nov 27, 2005 at 08:17:06PM -0500, Sadda Teh wrote:
> Now consider the scenario where the developer can yum install --source
> some-package, and have it install the source along with all the dependent
> source packages. Then he would be able to cd to some dir where he can type

That's a very long, tragic tale. But what in this story suggests that "yum
install --source" is so much better than "yumdownloader --source"? Or even
slightly better?

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