On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 3:56 PM, Debarshi Ray < wrote:
> There are multiple alternative office suites already in Linux. Adding one
> more isn't really going to aggravate the problem too much for users

We suck. So lets suck a little bit more. Is that what you are saying? :-)

If you want to build a distribution with a single default for everything and nothing else, Fedora is simply not that distribution.   That is a lost cause and fighting against Apache Openoffice is not going to win you anything.  Given what we have, I think addressing the potential confusion by improving the GUI is the only realistic answer. 

And how exactly are you going to explain all the nuances of how OpenOffice
and LibreOffice are different? Don't forget the little bit about Go-oo. :-)

Go-oo is entirely irrelevant to Fedora.  I don't see any reason to drag it in.  Since Libreoffice will be installed by default, regular users will just use it.  No need to explain any nuances.