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Orphaning vdr-skinsoppalusikka and the status of my packages (looking for co-maintainers for Finnish spell checking)
by Ville-Pekka Vainio
3 months, 2 weeks
paranoid md raid1 -> Btrfs migration tools?
by Daniel Pocock
3 months, 2 weeks
LTO and F33
by Jeff Law
3 months, 2 weeks
F34 Change: Reduce installation media size by improving the compression ratio of SquashFS filesystem (Self-Contained Change)
by Ben Cotton
3 months, 2 weeks
Orphaning 'hub' (the git wrapper for Github)
by Stephen Gallagher
3 months, 2 weeks
F33 update stuck for past 6 days in request for testing->stable
by Tony Asleson
3 months, 2 weeks
splitting out systemd-networkd, systemd-standalone-{sysusers,tmpfiles} subpackages in F33+
by Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek
3 months, 2 weeks
Planned Outage - - 2020-10-01 08:00 UTC
by Pierre-Yves Chibon
3 months, 2 weeks
Discussion: unixODBC - move unversioned *.so files back to unixODBC-devel package
by Ondrej Dubaj
3 months, 2 weeks
Packages in rawhide not showing in
by José Abílio Matos
3 months, 2 weeks
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