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glibc-arm-linux-gnu help
by Tom Callaway
7 months, 1 week
Octave 4.4 update coming soon to rawhide
by Orion Poplawski
7 months, 2 weeks
Nonresponsive maintainer: salimma
by Miro Hrončok
8 months
Orphaned packages need new maintainers (will be retired in 3 weeks)
by Miro Hrončok
8 months, 1 week
[Late] F30 System-Wide Change proposal: GCC9
by Ben Cotton
8 months, 2 weeks
latest rubygem-puppet-lint for F29 is from F23???
by John Florian
8 months, 4 weeks
License change of R-gsl: GPLv2+ to GPLv3
by Elliott Sales de Andrade
9 months
Sphinx and xindy
by Jerry James
9 months, 1 week
rpmlint: new "executable stack" warnings on rawhide
by Fabio Valentini
9 months, 1 week
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