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Proposal to modify release criteria for fwraid
by Stephen Gallagher
2 years
fedora-package purpose and future
by Vít Ondruch
2 years
Self Introduction: Carmen
by Carmen Bianca Bakker
2 years
IBM buying RedHat
by Antonio Trande
2 years, 1 month
Intent to relicense fontpackages
by Nicolas Mailhot
2 years, 1 month
Nonresponsive maintainer: Björn Esser (besser82)
by Miro Hrončok
2 years, 1 month
Translating the banner text
by scootergrisen
2 years, 1 month
Latest RHEL7 release v Xorg
by Bojan Smojver
2 years, 1 month
Fedora updates-20181031.0 compose check report
by Fedora compose checker
2 years, 1 month
Schedule for Thursday's FPC Meeting (2018-11-01 16:00 UTC)
by James Antill
2 years, 1 month
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