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Orphaning my packages...
by Truch, Matthew
9 years
Bugzilla/Bugzapper and ignored reports
by Reindl Harald
9 years
leaving packages "python-gdata" and "googlecl"
by Adam Goode
9 years
Unresponsive Package Maintainer - Lubomir Rintel
by David Ward
9 years
Unplanned OUTAGE: buildsystem (2011-06-01)
by Kevin Fenzi
9 years
UID_MIN & GID_MIN changed
by Peter Vrabec
9 years
9base in Fedora?
by Petr Sabata
9 years
Same noarch update to several releases?
by Bruno Wolff III
9 years
Heads up: GEOS 3.3.0 is entering F16
by Devrim Gündüz
9 years
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