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Heads-up: Audacious 2.4.2 hitting Rawhide
by Michael Schwendt
9 years, 8 months
HEADS UP! Ohloh Fedora repositories
by Peter Lemenkov
9 years, 8 months
[HEADS-UP] MySQL 5.5 coming soon to rawhide
by Tom Lane
9 years, 8 months
Fedora default services (was: Re: F15 Feature - convert as many service init files as possible to the native SystemD services)
by Michał Piotrowski
9 years, 8 months
Fedora as semantic desktop (nautilus and tracker integration) ?
by Valent Turkovic
9 years, 8 months
firewalld - A firewall daemon with D-BUS interface providing a dynamic firewall (test version)
by Thomas Woerner
9 years, 9 months
Package-specific test case and critical path test case project: drafts for review
by Adam Williamson
9 years, 9 months
F14 OOo deltarpms not being generated on releng2
by Jonathan Dieter
9 years, 9 months
Development repo contains *.fc15.i386.rpm packages
by Christoph Frieben
9 years, 9 months
rawhide report: 20101231 changes
by Fedora compose checker
9 years, 9 months
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