We'd like to announce that the Fedora Packager Dashboard passed the testing period, was properly deployed inside Fedora Infrastructure, got fixes, improvements and feature additions and is now available for widespread use among all Fedora Packagers.

For those of you who didn’t hear about the Dashboard yet, It combines all relevant information for package maintainers into one web application with searching and both simple and advanced (regex based) filtering possibilities. You’ll find things like open bug reports, updates, overrides, FTBFS (from koschei and from Fedora Health Check by decathorpe) and FTI reports, pull requests and orphan/retire warnings not only for your packages directly, but even for packages you depend on. It’s designed to make a packager's life easier and save our packagers some of their time. An article showing it’s current features is available on Fedora Community Blog: https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedora-packager-dashboard/ . There will also be a talk about the Dashboard on DevConf.cz 2021: https://devconfcz2021.sched.com/event/gmLm/packager-dashboard-life-of-packager-made-easy .

Dashboard itself is available: https://packager-dashboard.fedoraproject.org/

(the Dashboard is automatically pulling new data every 15 minutes, so you can just leave it open in one of your browser tabs and don’t worry about reloading it :) )

Fedora Packager Dashboard leverages caching in the Oraculum backend to significantly speed-up loading times with comparison to querying all the relevant resources separately. We, of course, can't cache the entire Bugzilla, Pagure, Bodhi... so we only cache data for users who

visit Packager Dashboard at least once per 14 days. Please keep in mind that the first load for a “new” user might take a while. Most of the data sources are refreshed every hour.

You can use the Dashboard for individual accounts as well as for FAS groups.

While the testing period is behind us and we have everything properly deployed, the work doesn’t end here. We have longer term plans for even more stuff for the dashboard. On the top of our list currently sit support for private bugs (visible after you authenticate with FAS), and contextual schedules and calendars for packages you might be interested in (eg. Do you maintain some Python packages? You might want to have a Python Release Calendar on your dashboard.)

Feel free to provide ideas or bug reports at https://pagure.io/fedora-qa/packager_dashboard or simply send an email reply to this thread with all kinds of feedback.