This is a late proposal for F28 release, mostly to spread awareness of the availability of java-openjdk 10 in Fedora. It is not closely tied to the F28 release however it would be good to have this in the formal F28 scope. That is the reason, why after a discussion with the Change owner, this is announced as a Self Contained Change Proposal.

= Proposed Self Contained Change: java-openjdk 10 - rolling release for Short Term Support  releases of OpenJDK =

  * Jiri Vanek <jvanek at redhat dot com>

OpenJDK have release  cadence of 6 months. but 3/4 of them are Short Term Supported for 6 months only.  This package is designed to harbore them. Currently it is build on openJDK 10. LTSs (next is 11) will go as separate packages.
See announcement:<br />
See java SIG plans:

== Detailed description ==
JDK10 is next major release of Java platform.  It is bringing many cool improvements - and is landing to your Fedora.  Where it will be maintained for f27 and newer.  Unluckily, it is STS (short term support) version. Between individual LTS will be always several STS. Again, please
See announcement: and See java SIG plans: .  So this is rolling release of all STSs to come. Its fate during the release of fresh LTS is yet to be decided.
You will always be allowed to install  Used LTS in fedora build root, alongside with latest  STS via alternatives.

== Scope ==
* Proposal owners:
This is isolated change. The maintainers of OpenJDK in Fedora must build the binaries, and keep them working.  Still, to keep this rolling release will be soem packaging challenge. Lets see this when JDK12  (or maybe already 11) come out.

* Other developers:
Should slowly start to check theirs packages against JDK10

* Release engineering:
#7433 -

* List of deliverables:
N/A (not a System Wide Change)

* Policies and guidelines:
N/A (not a System Wide Change)

* Trademark approval:
N/A (not needed for this Change)
Jan Kuřík
Platform & Fedora Program Manager
Red Hat Czech s.r.o., Purkynova 99/71, 612 45 Brno, Czech Republic