Hi All,

As the container landscape has changed over the last few years, Docker Inc. has changed what the term "docker" means. Along with changes in the container namespace with tools like buildah, cri-o, rkt and other ways to run containers, it makes sense to refer to containers in a more generic sense, using terms like "container" or "OCI(Open Container Initiative)" instead of "docker".

We have already renamed the Docker namespace to "containers" in dist-git. The Bugzilla project for containers is under container as well. Wherever possible to be consistent with using more generic terms, "docker" should be renamed to an appropriate generic term. This will allow us to more seamlessly adapt and change with the continuing evolution of the container based world. A side effect is that the changes will more closely align us with ongoing work within Red Hat.

There are several areas that can be evaluated for changes from "docker" to "container" (or OCI).  These include:
The non-exhaustive* full list of current containers[1] and packages[2] to be considered is not a very large list and your consideration and efforts to help are greatly appreciated.

* The bellow URLs will not show a package that is using docker only in
the package description which shows up in bugzilla along with other
[1] https://src.fedoraproject.org/projects/container/%2A
[2] https://src.fedoraproject.org/projects/*docker*

Best Regards,
Sushma Shivakumar
RCM Project Manager
Red Hat, Brno