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control-center-3.8.0-2.fc19 added the Fedora logo (instead of the GNOME logo) on the details panel of the GNOME desktop control center. This is a good idea, but I see two problems:

1) Use the full logotype, not just the logomark
2) The lack of the ™ symbol next to the logomark violates our own logo usage guidelines [1].

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Logo/UsageGuidelines

Elad, Thanks for bringing this up!, However, I dont have a functioning f19 machine at the moment, would you be able to upload a screenshot so we can see the logo as it is currently presented?

WE i think we should also just file a bug against this component in Fedora. Is that the correct course of action?


After a quick look into the patch that changed the logo, it seems that it is using the following file (the image itself is supplied by the fedora-logos package):
That file is just the logomark (the F bubble), without the "TM"

If we do want the full logo (fedora + bubble) here, i *think* this is the file that should be used (once again the file itself is supplied by the fedora-logos package):

Can anyone else throw any insight on what logo we should present here?


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I attached the screenshot below. IMO, the full logotype (fedora+bubble) would look *way* better in this screen

-Elad Alfassa.

That logo (other than the lack of the TM) also looks quite large for the dialog that is displaying it.

Attached is a couple of mockups of a smaller version of just the logo (the bottom mockup), and a version with the logotype as well (the top mockup). IMHO, just the bubble looks better balanced than the logotype because the distroname underneath is centered.

Note that the attached mockups are just visualisations of ideas, and should not be interpreted as a final suggestion to implement.


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I personally dislike having the release name there. Especially that large, we shouldn't emphasize it.

IMO we should either
a) use only the release number and not display the name, which is an internal community injoke and nothing more.
b) put the release name and version under the gnome release version, and have the full logomark on the top.
-Elad Alfassa.