Do you really want to start *yet another* windows versus linux debate
here? If you do, I'll take this off list, so I can rant at you in
private. I really, really, really dislike blanket statements such as
this one. Especially when it involves windows
Kendell clark
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No. I don't want to start another Windows x Linux debate. Since I am on Linux side, it makes no sense two people arguing in favor of same side. Anyway, fell free to send me private messages, it always good to hear other opinions that can change the way how I see things. 

About my sentence "As a developer I completely agree, as a user, I completely disagree", I supposed that it was self-explanatory but looks like I am wrong. As a developer, software with source code can give me completely control over customisation, I can change the source code so I can do anything. As a user, without programming or console knowledge, could be impossible to customize something that is not easy available.

When I compare GNOME 2, KDE, Windows and OS X with GNOME 3 without Tweak Tool, I feel like all others are more customisable than GNOME 3 without Tweak Tool. That is why I strongly advocate in favor of Tweak Tool available by default not only on Fedora but also in all Linux distros based on GNOME.  A plus, could be all Tweak features available on gnome-control-center.

I hope this makes my sentence more clear now.


Everaldo Canuto

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