This smells like just another "you're not doing things my way, I'm
going to go cry in a corner now" post. I do think some, maybe most, of
the options that are currently in tweak tool could be better used
being put in their  appropriate panel in the control center. But I'll
go with it. If gnome puts tweak tool into gnome, great. If not, oh
well. And who said anything about uninstalling all software? If you
balk at installing one piece of software to tweak something (something
you have to do on windows too) then you should really consider whether
you really want to use the distro you're using, or if a more user
friendly distro might be better for you
Kendell clark
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Sorry if I offended someone but after this 18 years using Linux, I could say that I am a little "sensible" about this messages.
Anyway. Sorry.