I don't have a problem with making the tweak tool easily available,
but I have to wonder: are we failing so badly in our attempt to make
software readily available via gnome-software and search that
everything still has to be pre-installed ?

As an experiment, I removed gnome-tweak-tool and then I searched for
'tweak' in the shell overview - the tweak tool shows up among the
search results provided by gnome-software, and it is 3 clicks from
there to having it running (one to open gnome-software, one to
install, one to launch).

Is that still too hard ?

Why not remove Gedit, Evince and Evolution? Or better, remove all software and leave only Nautilus, Gnome-Shell and Gnome-Software. Everting can be installed in 3 clicks.

Sorry guys, but after Christian Schaller blog posts and mails I have this "hope" that things can change a little but some days after his posts and mails what I can see is that everything will be exactly as before. Fedora is exactly what you guys want it to be and users are not important.

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