Hello Fred,
I have tried that driver/modue before without luck. Although i will try it again. the model of the laptop is hard becuase its a re-badge. It is labled Notebook (which is not much help). It uses the sis650 graphics set and 7012 sound set.
Thanks for the advice, i wi try that module again and see how i go I will report back with the error.
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Andrew, It would help to know the exact model of your Notebook. I have one Desknote from ECS that uses that chip and , although no sound when leaving it with the default driver, it works ok with the Intel810 Audio. Try it.

Haven´t done it with Fedora yet, but that was the case in Mandrake and Red Hat, so I figure it is a common glitch.

Good luck

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> Hello All,
> Long time Linux user but I'm having trouble with SIS7012 audio chipset on my
> laptop. I have played around with modules and various sound config tools but
> having trouble still. No audio at all (it has worked previously with
> 'alternative' operating systems.
> I would like to hear from anyone with experience with this chipset. Cheers.
> AG.
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