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>A few reasons, in my own personally believed order of popularity for
>1. Media "just works".  Netflix, amazon video/music, spotify, etc.

Netflix "just works" on Firefox too (due to EME support). Spotify is flash. If you install flash-plugin it works on Firefox too.

Installing Flash does not count as "just works"... and Firefox does not support EME on Linux, and it won't support it for a while. I tried it this week with both the release version, and nightly, and neither had EME working.


"I'll look at this from a different point of view. What good is chrome, no matter how wonderful and fast and easy it is, if an entire segment of the population cannot use it? Where's the justification for not even bothering to make it usable except through their own addons? I for one have not bought into the wonderfullness of drm, or the "just works" philosophy. Some of my community has, but I have not. No matter how good a piece of software is, if I can't use it, it might as well be a black screen. My two scents, I'll shut up now, I've beaten this dead horse enough lol.

Kendell clark"

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