Just a post to say Fedora supports a Tyan Tiger mobo with dual 500mhz Celeron Processors. I had Fedora installed on a single processor PC with original kernel , it worked fine. So i put the hard drive with Fedora in my dual processor PC (128mb SDRAM) and with a few tweeks it came up just fine.
But only showed (1) processor . I tried to compile the new 2.6.0 kernel with no luck. So I went for it and downloaded the RPM and installed it -->> rebooted---> and WaLa ,(2) processors and SMP was automaticlly up and running. One word of advice , when booting up after new kernel install --- > when "checking for new hardware finds something" just answer "DO NOTHING"  to everything it finds.Or you will end up with no Network card. This is the sweetest Linux box I ever had . "Fedora Rocks"
                           Wolf S.