I noticed the Evince browser plugin is not installed by default. It was split into a subpackage to accommodate organizations that are concerned about the security implications of displaying PDFs in the web browser, and nothing installs the subpackage. This plugin is very good, and I want it to be installed by default for all Epiphany users who have Evince installed, as intended by upstream. (For Firefox users, it doesn't matter because Firefox will use its own built-in PDF viewer in preference to the plugin, Firefox makes it click-to-run which sucks, and Firefox hangs when it dlopens a GTK+ 3 plugin anyway.)

The correct solution in most distros would be for the evince package to have a Recommends for the evince-browser-plugin package, so that users get it by default but sysadmins can decide not to install it if need be. But we can't use Recommends yet. :S

So there are a few options I can think of:

* Add a Requires from evince to evince-browser-plugin, to be changed into a Recommends once we're allowed to use those. This will sadden those who do not want the browser plugin, but it's the most "correct" approach.
* Add a Requires from epiphany-runtime to evince-browser-plugin. That would make Epiphany depend on Evince, and we don't want apps to depend on other apps, so this is my least favorite option. But it is preferable to users having to discover and install the plugin themselves. (It's a good plugin. :)
* Add evince-browser-plugin to the Fedora Workstation group in comps. This is yucky since it only benefits Epiphany users, and Epiphany is not installed by default. But I think it's preferable to a Requires from Epiphany to Evince.

Any preferences or other suggestions? (If anyone can think of an option that's actually good, that would be dandy.)