Dear board and Fedora Usability members,

I'm writing this mail to speak about the Fedora Usability project/sigs. Explain the objectifs and fix various conflicts about this.
First a description :  The Fedora Usability project aims to provide coherence, accessibility and intuivity for all people using Fedora Core and its associated resources.

Then my goals with this project/sigs are :

- Help the developer team to build coherent and easy to use applications
- Help the webmaster team to provide a coherent comprehensive website
- Help the documentation team to provide a coherent and comprehensive documentation


- Track the uncoherent things in the Fedora softwares, read the Fedora contents about the documentation and websites. Once a thing is detected, this one is reported to the Usability Schedule and is fixed by a patch. Next this patch is send to the maintainer.

The Usability project/sigs allows to us to study the user actions and understand how the users use the Fedora distribution and different resources. Correct me If I'm wrong but Fedora is not only a distribution for sysadmins and developers. Fedora must be usable by everyone! So it's my opinion and people who don't agree with this will not have a beer to the next fudcon ;-)

I'll make a rapport about this project/sigs every weeks and send it to Thomas Chung to show the advancements.

Fedora must be simple and for everyone and we make an effort whit that.

Good day to all and thanks in advance,

Damien Durand