Well after a good reflection, the documentation and website point are uncoherent, I think it's too hard and limited this project to fedora sofwares is better.

The answers about my strategy :

- "Who the new project would serve and who will lead the project" : The futur project is devote to simplify the life of Fedora users about the fedora use and I think I'll lead this project.

- "What the goals and scope of the new project would be" : Provide coherence, accessibility and intuivity to all people using Fedora Core.

- "When the project can be considered a success" : I don't know really, I haven't an idea for that and I think the answer willl be false.

- "Where the project will lead and where it will fit into the Fedora Project" : The project will return fedora simpler and coherent and will allow a better feedback with the user.

- "Why the idea warrants the creation of a new project within the Fedora Project" : Because there's a lot of hard work and I don't disturb  any other Fedora project.

2006/8/11, Paul W. Frields <stickster@gmail.com>:
> How?
> - Track the uncoherent things in the Fedora softwares, read the Fedora
> contents about the documentation and websites. Once a thing is
> detected, this one is reported to the Usability Schedule and is fixed
> by a patch. Next this patch is send to the maintainer.
> The Usability project/sigs allows to us to study the user actions and
> understand how the users use the Fedora distribution and different
> resources. Correct me If I'm wrong but Fedora is not only a
> distribution for sysadmins and developers. Fedora must be usable by
> everyone! So it's my opinion and people who don't agree with this will
> not have a beer to the next fudcon ;-)
> I'll make a rapport about this project/sigs every weeks and send it to
> Thomas Chung to show the advancements.
> Fedora must be simple and for everyone and we make an effort whit
> that.
> Good day to all and thanks in advance,


I think the idea for a Usability SIG is a good one.  (Please refer to
the initiative without the "Project" name for now, since Projects have
to be approved.)  To get better community traction, you should flesh out
this idea a little more.  If you look at the draft wiki page:


...you'll see some pointers for how to define your action plan,
including a list of requirements, a formation/governing strategy, and
how you think the SIG's progress is to be measured.  I think your best
area of concentration may be keeping channels open and active with
multiple upstream developers for applications that need improvement.
The statements that Nicolas made about users having to do too much
upstream went right to the point.  Use that to guide your action plan.
Be specific.

But I still see a lot of grey area and possible duplication of effort in
some of the goals you state:

> - Help the webmaster team to provide a coherent comprehensive website

How exactly does this goal fall *outside* the current Fedora Websites
Project?  What will Usability provide that Websites doesn't or can't?
Fedora in this case is the originator and upstream, so what *exactly*
will Usability do besides file bugs with Websites and track their
progress?  Neither of those functions warrants its own subproject IMHO.

> - Help the documentation team to provide a coherent and comprehensive
> documentation

The same question goes for this.  What will Usability SIG provide that
can't be done through participating in the existing Documentation

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