ESR will only delay the problem.

Can the Fedora build add a secodary key to accept signed extensions?

AFAIK the long term plan is todeprecate the current method of extensions in favour of a more browser agnostic approach.

On 7 January 2016 at 13:26, Jiri Eischmann <> wrote:
there is currently a case against Firefox discussed in FESCo:

The problem in short: The last release of Firefox doesn't allow the
user to install add-ons which are not signed by Mozilla by default, in
the next version, you won't even be able to disable this behavior. This
means that a couple of add-ons that are packaged by Fedora won't work.

In my opinion, this problem has an impact on a relatively small number
of users while suggested solutions will have an impact on majority of
Workstation users. The author of the original ticket recommends Firefox
is removed altogether if Mozilla doesn't change their plan, another
suggestion is to switch to ESR which would mean that Fedora would have
as conservative approach to Firefox updates as RHEL.

Firefox is probably the most important desktop app in Fedora, so I
wonder whether the Workstation working group should voice its opinion
in this before any decision is made.


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