On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 2:01 AM, Gian Paolo Mureddu <gmureddu@prodigy.net.mx>
While we are at it, decomposing acronyms why call it "GNU Image
Manipulation Program" at all, why not call it "GNU is Not Unix Image
Manipulation Program", instead? Geeze!... I know, I know it is none of
my business, but this looks like RMS-type of crusade to get the "GNU"
brand better recognized as "Linux" took off much more than "GNU"

Because the exact branding is the upstream project's decision.  FULL STOP.
You can bitch and moan all you like.. but do it upstream.  If the upstream project wants to spell out GNU... then they get to do it.  If they want to change the name completely with every release...they get to do it.  I will not excuse any more pointless ranting on a fedora list about this just because its easy for you to do here. If you care about it..write upstream. And if you don't care about it.. zip it.

What we get to decide is whether we are going to use the Proper project name or whether we are going to use the Generic Name in our menu.. or both... and how consistently we do either across our applicationscape.  The Proper project name is what it is, and its the project's choice.  The generic name I feel we have some ability to tweak if needed. In this case that's really not an issue. 

-jef"will probably be writing to upstream himself concerning branding"spaleta