On 8/21/07, David Zeuthen <davidz@redhat.com> wrote:

- Note that "default in mainline Fedora" doesn't preclude the desktop
   spin from using PackageKit instead of Pirut.

Hmm.  That seems like a really big change to be making from mainline in a spin.  I think a good goal for spin changes is to think hard about putting in changes that we do want to go down into the OS in general.  For example one thing I heard people mentioning about the desktop spin is system activation; it doesn't seem to me there's a reason that couldn't be prototyped in the context of Fedora in general.  I can't claim I understand exactly how yum/pirut/packagekit etc. interact but I feel like it's that level of OS change where things have to be coordinated. 

It feels to me that for the desktop spin we can focus on the original subject here of "low hanging fruit" and get a lot out of that.