I have had 'rawhide' running in VirtualBox for some months. Recently an upgrade renconfigured repos - as I understand in order to make it become "Fedora 22"). So far, so good.

However, for a week I wasn't able to  upgrade (using Yum Extender) with new packages due to some signing problems with packages. Yesterday I finally succedded to do so, But after the upgrades were installed and a reboot, the VM halts when it should display the login screen.  It hanged forever. I noticed in another thread here that "the login screen will now use Wayland". From yet another discussion I know that Wayland will not work in VirtualBox, as it (VB)  does not have drivers for the virtuaized hardware in this environment (Wayland).

1st queston: is my understanding of the problem correct? 
2nd question: was this considered when deciding to use Wayland for the login screen?
3rd question: will there be/is there a workaround of some kind? 

If it matters, I am using the XFCE spin. Here I find it even more strange to use Wayland for login.
I think you are shooting yourself in the foot by not allowing people to try F22 in VirtualBox etc.

(besides new packets have arrived since yesterday that are not signed, it seems)


Hilsen / Regards

Peter Laursen