On 8/9/07, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
M Daniel R Magarzo wrote:

> Tried.
> Faster, more powerful, tidy interface when showing results, indexing
> deeply and it does not last eternally, just a few seconds/minutes. Doing
> a "top" reveals that there isn't "an alien chewing into our stomach"
> anymore.. Tracker goes smoothly without doubt.
> Preferences panel shouldn't go split from the main interface though,
> IMO.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree about the preferences disconnect.
Please file a RFE preferably on GNOME bugzilla.


I also will add onto this thread, as someone that has continually had problems
with beagle and have voiced my opinion on it.

I find Tracker pretty usable and acceptable.  I will whisper this silently here as to
not wrinkle the feathers from other threads, "Tracker uses less cpu and binds IO
even less if the filesystem is mounted noatime, ssssshhhhh".  Actually tracker should
open all the files noatime and that bug has been filed and agreed upon by the
tracker team. 

My only real gripe right now is that it doesn't open my IM logs in pidgin, but as
normal text files.  Other than that it runs happily on my system and I almost
don't even know it is there.

I haven't poked at the code much, so I can't comment on that.