For Kodi and most of your other multimedia needs, you'll want to visit and add their -free and -non-free repositories.

I'm no expert on the packaging systems, but the gist is along these lines: Software (aka Gnome Software) is the default GUI tool for managing software. dnf is Fedora's default package management tool, replacing the older yum. Both dnf and yum are analogous to apt on debian systems, while "Yum Extender" looks like would be analogous to Synaptic on a debian or ubuntu system. I've never used them, but the "plain version" would appear to be a gui frontend for the older yum, while Yum Extender-DNF is a frontend for the new dnf.

For future reference, this particular list (fedora-desktop) is primarily focused on development discussion. The users list ( is where you'd want to go for general fedora questions/discussion/support.

Michael Knepher

On Fri, Sep 25, 2015 at 8:15 AM, Stephen Allen <> wrote:
Hi Folks! First post to this list - I'm a long time Debian user who
wanted to try out the latest Gnome-Shell.

I've got everything I want/need installed, bar the two applications
mentioned in my subject line.

How does one get these via repo? Also another question if I may - what
is the default package manager for Fedora. I have 4 software mgrs:
"Software", Package Manager, Yum Extender and Yum Extender-DNF. What's
the difference between the 2 Yum Mgrs?


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