Solarize light and dark are very good color themes for terminal and text editing, but as default? I don't know, it's not suitable for everyone. There should be a quick way to change to them, that I agree, but not sure I would set them as defaults.

On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 5:25 PM, Bill Nottingham <> wrote:
Ryan Lerch ( said:
> I recently blogged on the Fedora Magazine about the awesome addition of the
> Solarized colour schemes in GEdit and GNOME-terminal in workstation [1].
> And a commenter on that post asked the question: why not make it default?
> Since terminal ships with the dark GTK theme turned on, we could set the
> default color scheme there to Solarized Dark, and for gedit (that uses the
> light GTK theme by default), enable Solarized Light by default.

So, I just tried this out in the terminal. I'm not sure I would support it
as the default because Solarized's palette (at least in F-20) changes the
actual colors such that a terminal app coded to display 'yellow' will get
something that isn't.


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