I have one project where the customer is migrating from Windows XP to Linux . The main requirement for them is to access network shares as they are accessing network shares in XP . In XP , a domain user  can browse the network  and he can go into any computer which is part of the domain . The user no needs to provide user name and password to access network shares in XP ( provided by appropriate  permissions ) . So, the customer is expecting same thing from Linux.
In KDE , if i am browsing the windows network by using konqeror , you can see all the domains in the network and machines which are part of these domain . But , when i am trying access to one machine , username-password dialog box appears . After providing username & password credentials , a user can go inside that machine and he can access the shares which are in that machine . If you try to access same machine second time , you won't  get username-password dialog box . Konqeror has capabilities to cache the password , but this is not permenent for windows networks .  Kwallet also doesn't helping me to solve this issue.
I joined Linux to their domain , but still the problem exists . Please any body can tell me how we can solve the problem . Is kwallet solve this kind problems or is there is any way to solve this problem . Actually , this is the common requirement for all customers who are migrating from Windows to Linux .
Thanks & Regards,
Shashi kanth