On 8/16/07, Dan Winship <dwinship@redhat.com> wrote:
Jon Nettleton wrote:
> On 8/15/07, *Matthias Clasen* <mclasen@redhat.com
>     - unlock keyring on login
> This should be included in gnome 2.20 with the new gnome-keyring.
> It includes a pam module to do this.  If it doesn't then I can finish
> hacking pam_keyring to do what we want.

I can log into Fedora on my Thinkpad by just swiping my finger on the
fingerprint reader. Ideally that would unlock my keyring too, which is
impossible with the combination of pam_thinkfinger and pam_keyring.

We addressed this back with pam_bioapi, and I think it only partially got
implemented.  The idea was to embed the passphrase into the bir of the
user.  Then have the pam module populate AUTH_TOK with the passphrase
and pass it along to subsequent pam_modules in the stack.

I don't want my finger cut off to get to my data so I steer clear.