I'd like to invite Fedora contributors to start creating Flatpaks of graphical applications in Fedora. We're still working on putting the final pieces into place to have a complete story from end to end, but it's definitely close enough to get started.

If you maintain a graphical application, please try creating a Flatpak of it. Your experience will vary - some applications are quite easy, but if your application, for example:

 * Uses qt5-qtwebengine
 * Uses many KDE libraries
 * Uses many Perl or Python packages
 * Uses texlive

etc, then you may want to wait - we will eventually be creating shared builds to make bundling these easier. Also, if your application has a system service, installs a polkit policy, or otherwise is not self-contained, then it's not a good candidate for a Flatpak.

Or you can pick one of 280+ applications that have been identfied as easy to Flatpak:

and assist out the application package maintainer by creating a Flatpak of that.

An introduction, draft tutorial and other documentation can be found at:

(The plan is to integrate this into docs.fedoraproject.org. For now, the documentation source

For help, please ask on #fedora-workstation on Freenode, or mail desktop@lists.fedoraproject.org.