Hello all,

I'm the main developer (and project admin) of the Splashy project. Somebody mentioned this threat on the #splashy channel ( irc.freenode.net) and I decided to join the list and follow it closely.

We are very interested in getting Splashy on Fedora. We have worked with a few Fedora developers before in order to get a .spec file that's generic enough for most RPM-based systems. Now that Splashy depends on less debian-specific libraries, I think it's time to start supporting Fedora in full.

As you might already know, Xandros, SuSE and Mandriva are already considering or using Splashy on their projects. And so are other vendors (small integrators and other people who customize Linux distributions). I believe that this will be easier for all of them if there was a src.rpm officially released from the Splashy project page.

If anybody is interested in helping us, please join us on IRC to discuss about it.


Luis Mondesi
Maestro Debiano

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