On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 12:23 AM, Valent Turkovic <valent.turkovic@gmail.com> wrote:
My gut feeling tells me that they will tell that fedora can change the
name to gimp if that fits better, most upstream gnome people to who I
talked to told me that on such minor things gnome lets downstream
customize as they need for them.

I'll talk to upstream and report back and tell you if my gut feeling
was spot on or wrong.

whether we are allowed to do it or not is not the point.

The argue you made was about brand recognition. As a downstream, should we be telling the upstream project how their brand should be handled?  I really don't think so. We all recognize that brands have value because they are recognizable. But if a specific project wants to change their brand..that is THEIR choice..because its THEIR project.

As distributors of 'well known' applications... we need to take our cues from the upstream project with regard to handling 'branding'. Perhaps the project leads for GIMP are actually trying to make an explicit effort to rebrand it so the non acronym becomes the recognized name. If so, then we should respect that.  If you want this changed... get the upstream project to revert back to using the GIMP as the name instead of the longer name in the desktop file.  For all we know this is a deliberate attempt to rebrand by the upstream project.

Arguing about adding useful functional descriptions to how we generally list applications is one thing. And arguing that we should hide all non-functional names is another thing worthy of discourse. But to delibrately reinterpret or shorten the chosen  project name  because it doesn't suite us is quite another. Talk to the GIMP project authors and figure out what they intend concerning branding. Don't make unilateral decisions over interpretations of application names.  We've already recognized that this is a brand issue...at that point you MUST seek clarification as to what the upstream project intends in terms of branding.

Hey I know let's revert firefox back to firebird and forget that the project deliberately rebranded even though the firebird name was widely used for the browser up to that point.

-jef"While we are at it, let's change the name of rhythmbox to rbox in Fedora, because I consistently misspell rhythm."spaleta