Hello everyone! I am Suhaas, a first-year undergrad from India, eyeing this year's GSOC. I am good at C++ and data structures and find C manageable. I can contribute up to 7 hours per week until the end of February, after which I can spend 17-18 hours working here per week. I was told to email the subprojects I am interested in. I like the workstation since it seems incredibly elegant and would love to be a part of it.

I don't have any experience contributing to open source or creating an elaborate project before, and my programming journey started just a few months ago. Therefore before the application period commences, I would love to be able to finish contributing or helping around a bit to increase my familiarity with the codebase. It would be much appreciated if a potential mentor or anyone else could guide me through the initial stage or give me pointers of where to begin! :)