Den 27. okt. 2008 17.00 skrev Paul W. Frields <>:

Who exactly do you believe should be that dictator?

I, for one, would be happy to push for davidz to be the "desktop dictator", he is passionate about the Linux desktop, informed and willing to work to make the situation better. Additionally he is visionary and has a long track record of bringing improvements to my desktop. Many of the qualities that would be beneficial to such a position as the guiding light in my opinion.

That being said, it will probably end up needing to be a small group of people with a transparent workflow, the Linux desktop is a large place, ever expanding to new devices and vistas. It seems unreasonable to assume one person can fully grasp it all but we would still benefit from passionate guidance and a firm plan for the future. Even Linus has subsystem maintainers he trusts to do good work, surely that system will map nicely to the desktop.

* This message paid for by the commitee of concerned fedorains in favor of David Zeuthern for grand high poobah *

- David Nielsen