On 8/20/07, Jeremy Katz <katzj@redhat.com> wrote:
On Sat, 2007-08-18 at 12:14 -0400, Ray Strode wrote:
> > I would prefer to just disable the root login in gdm.
> It makes sense to do outside of the desktop livecd spin, too.  Root
> login has never really worked right.  For instance, you can't lock your
> screen.
> Anyway, building a gdm package into koji now to disable it.

So if we're going to do this, we also should think a bit about the path
how users get created to ensure that people don't end up in a situation
where they've installed and only have a root account but end up at gdm.

1) No user got created in firstboot.  We tell you that you should and we
say "are you sure you want to" if you don't, but it's still quite easy
not to
2) User gets text-mode firstboot (which doesn't ask you to create a
user).  This should only happen if a) you boot into runlevel 3 because
of your install b) text mode installs might still imply text mode
firstboot c) any other cases?
3) firstboot crashed.  Simple answer, firstboot shouldn't crash :-)  But
maybe not that simple.
4) You set up network logins, but your network isn't working/you're
using NetworkManager.  Also maybe a "don't do this" type of thing.

The first two are the ones that worry me the most.  And I guess the
third, too.  We could be more certain that a user went through and was
presented the "create a user" bit if we moved the user creation (back)
into anaconda.

That doesn't fix the "I chose not to create a user" case, though.  So
the bigger thing is how do we make it mandatory while still having
things moderately reasonable for the users who choose to set up some
form of network login[1].  Maybe we just punt and say if you're doing
network login only, you're probably using kickstart?  And I guess
there's nothing which says you can't delete the user after you set up
your network login stuff.

What if instead of disabling the root account in gdm, we change root's default session.  Rather than a feature complete gnome-session, we actually run a fullscreen interface much like firstboot that gives access to common administrator functionality,  Setup Network, Add Users, Display config, etc etc.  Maybe give access to a terminal as well.

Hopefully, this would discourage normal users from just using root, but will give a fall back gui to do super user tasks.