This is my first mail in this list, and yes I have opened the bug about the Gnome Tweak Tool in Workstation.

I know than a bug if not a good place for this kind of things, but at less was a good way to track some comments of people thinking than could be good to have the Gnome Tweak Tool by default, but what users really want to access some options of the system, the tool itself is not the important.

Than I see here is than there is many options, than power users want and are not available in the control center, people is asking for a way to get access to these options and the control center will be a better place for things like managing the fonts of the system and the power options when I am using a laptop,  and maybe newcomers will like to set the maximise button by default, or play with a different theme and icons pack.

These is not about say to Gnome People what they must do or not with the desktop, I have read all the comment in the bug, in bugs outside Fedora and in the archive of these mailing list, and there not intention of may anyone angry.

I think these is a valid request from the community of users of Gnome Desktop about some options than need to be included in the Control Center, if these options where available there will not need to ask about include the Tweak Tool, there will be not need of it.

And the Gnome Tweak Tool is written in Python 2 so if not compatible with the Python 3 by default feature, these is a valid technical objections for not include it by default, but as I said, the important thing is not the tool itself, but there are users who want to access options that currently are not accessible otherwise.

But the background of all these is than there is a real need of more options to be included in the Gnome Control Center and is really cool to see than Michael Catanzaro look the users real requests.

And maybe there were a better way to take the attention about this, but I think than at less work fine to show something than users really want :)