Originally sent this to mccann for private review but jrb and halfline asked that I send it here. I don't mean to offend anyone; mccann asked that I document my experience -- I'm coming from Debian Sid/Exp. so I don't have a horse the desktop race.

I'm writing this from my phone while I wait for the install to finish. I will send another mail documenting first boot experience.

The notes are with a newbie in-mind and only the notable hang-ups; the experience is, overall, good.

Pre-install: no reason given for a media test and no time estimate before agreeing.

Storage probe > existing encrypted drive found: no offer to skip unlock. Use of OK/Cancel dialog buttons.

Set hostname: no indication that using the same suffix like "localdomain" might be a good thing. Happily allows suffixless.

Map/TZ widget: doesn't fill dialog size.

Root password: no offer for sudo setup

Partitioner: no indication that LVM and RAID buttons are for new only.  "Hide LVM/RAID" doesn't work.

Boot loader: no explanation of what a boot loader is. Use of sdx block names (some discoverability in Change Dev. dialog)

Repos/software: no indication that offered additional repos. are remote or explanation why you would enable them. No progress on metadata fetch. Why would any Windows user not enable the Updates here? Is that safe/fast?

Starting Install: long wait with no estimate.