On 8/7/07, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram@fedoraproject.org> wrote:

While Tracker has always been faster than Beagle and without the memory
leaks, previous versions were lacking in features. Tracker 0.6
(http://jamiemcc.livejournal.com/8837.html ) has a number of improvements
making it more or less reached feature parity with Beagle which we
dropped out by default in Fedora 7. Tracker is also going to be the
default in the next version of Ubuntu.

What do folks think about installing and enabling Tracker by default in
Fedora 8?

 why do you think is tracker better than beagle?
its true that it uses less memory but I doubt its any different about i/o and cpu usage.
and does it stop indexing when running on battery? beagle does this.
also with the cfs scheduler the impact on the system due to high cpu usage should be less.
the only remaining part is i/o and I open a thread on lkml about allowing non root user to set the i/o prio to
idle. beagle already tryes to do this but fails because it don't have the permission to do so. Removing the check
from the kernel is easy but there is a discussion on what idle task can to to the system and if its safe to allow it for non root users.
if the kernel gets this change I would opt for re enabling beagle and see what it does.