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El 26-11-2015 09:12, alex diavatis escribió:

> Gnome Photos cannot be used to open an image though.
> There is no "Open with" Photos. Not even possible for Terminal.

I think the approaches are different. I prefer a combination of Gnome
Photos + EOG. (Like evince + gnome documents).
I also think you need to add basic editing EOG.

If I may ask, why do you prefer the separate viewer/organizer paradigm?
As a user, my expectation is that I can view a file within an organizer.
For code maintenance, I see no need to maintain two separate applications when one is (or at least should be) a superset of the other.
Ideally, we could implement something like the Finder file selector where the sidebar lists various filetypes (documents, music, photos, etc). You click on a filetype and it opens a special interface WITHIN THE file selector WINDOW. Importantly, the filetypes aren't links to folders, but indexes populated by, I'd imagine, spotlight.
That is the direction that I think makes the experience most simple for a user. One place to allow viewing, listening and basic editing of all files, and with a dynamic interface which accommodates each file type once chosen.... but that would be difficult to do.