Well, it is really a long thread. And sorry to make a "nonconstructive" comment but like all other threads related to GNOME features, we always have the same answer. Developers don't want or think is better so we will not have it in GNOME.

Again, sorry if I will offend someone but it is not better to say "we are going to do what we think is better, doest matter what users think, we know what is better".

To prevent this message to be "nonconstructive" only, let me ask you guys: If I get all Teak Tool features in gnome-control-center with good source code quality and respecting standards, will this patch accepted in GNOME?

I am so tired to see old "linuxers" going back to Windows or Mac because things are not customised like in the past. I am remember the days where one of most important advantages of Linux was "highly customisable".