On Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 10:22 AM Chris Murphy <lists@colorremedies.com> wrote:
The Workstation Working Group has agreed to the formation of a
subgroup to research and evaluate ways to better safeguard user data
(i.e. privacy via encryption), and report back their findings to the
working group.

This email is a call to organize the subgroup, and setup our first
meeting(s), during which we'll formalize scope, tasks, time frame, and
future meetings.

Initial subgroup members expressing interest:
cmurf, aday, aruiz, otaylor, ngompa, petersen
Any others?

I am interested.

What's the best way to get organized? Should we meet first on
#fedora-workstation or go straight to setting up a Bluejeans group
call? And what's a good meeting scheduler to query everyone for a good
common date+time?

Chris Murphy
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