On 4 June 2014 14:01, Kalev Lember <kalevlember@gmail.com> wrote:
On 06/04/2014 02:14 PM, Richard Turner wrote:
> Mostly I use virtualisation to test stuff in MSIE on various flavours of
> Windows. If GNOME Boxes, libvirt, etc. is installed by default then I'll
> remove it and install VirtualBox. That's not because I prefer VBox - I
> don't at all - but because Microsoft provides images for VBox and making
> them work nicely with libvirt is a hassle I can do without.

This is a very good use case, thanks for bringing this up.

Is there anything we could do to make it easier for you? I know
VirtualBox distributes their stuff upstream in rpm format, but compiles
parts of it (the kernel modules) after installation. Would it make it
easier to set up VirtualBox if we included the kernel-devel and gcc
packages in the default install?

It's been quite a while since I needed go install VBox: now that I already have the dependencies installed I can just download and install the RPM from Oracle's site whenever VBox notifies me of an update. However, initially I used instructions from If Not True Then False to install VBox. One can see there that you're right; gcc, kernel-devel, etc. are required for compiling the kernel modules. So, yes, there's certainly scope there to make VBox installation far easier than it currently is.

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