To prepare for the anticipated release of Fedora 25, we have started the process of drafting the Fedora 25 release announcement and press release.

The release announcement[1] needs the most input. I have based it on the Fedora 25 beta release announcement and will be going through the document today to clean up any obvious beta mentions. Members of each workgroup should focus on:

* Additional features to highlight that were not in the beta announcement
* Important stories that you think this announcement should be telling
* Particular focus on the change from "Cloud" to "Atomic."

The press release is templated from the Fedora 24 press release[2] and will be revised based on the release announcement. 

Therefore, the priority is on the release announcement, and feedback should be given to that document by close of business (2100 UTC) November 7, 2016.

Thank you,
Brian Proffitt