It's really needed to improve the liveCD. Remove some services, like sshd and httpd, these things just take space in the liveCD. Put int the CD is a great deal. There should be no login screen in the liveCD. Some content would be nice too. Make the fedora liveCD like the ubuntu liveCD is not a bad idea. Ubuntu doesnt have server services, has, and auto-login in the liveCD. And Anaconda should ask if you want to restart or continue with the liveCD

On Dec 17, 2007 1:52 AM, Matthias Clasen <> wrote:
Jonathan tried to kick off this discussion earlier, with some success.
I think we should revive the desktop SIG and start to work out some
concrete goals for what we want to improve in the desktop spin for F9.

Here are some things that we might want to discuss:

- menus
 + switch from "generic name" style to "name - generic name" ?
 + "too much" - what to get rid of in the menus, and how

- login screen
 + can we make the special live-cd situation more intuitive ?

- bootup
 + should we look at the nm dispatcher work by jon nettleton ?

- content
 + people have proposed to add some free content to the cd

- anything else people want to see improved


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