I've proposed a talk about open design practices which should give me a nice chance for some Design Team advertising if I get accepted. :)


On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 8:50 AM, Pierros Papadeas <ppapadeas@gmail.com> wrote:
On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 5:11 AM, ryan lerch <ryanlerch@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all!
> The call just opened for for all artists and developers in the open
> source graphics to submit presentation ideas for this yearís Libre
> Graphics Meeting (LGM) in Montreal from May 10th †to 13th - [1]. To
> submit a talk proposal, add you idea to the page on the create wiki -
> [2]. Interested about what goes on at an LGM? check out all the videos
> from LGM 2010. [3]
> I am going to propose a talk on publican (the publishing toolchain
> that fedora docs uses). Anyone else have any ideas for talks?
> Cheers,
> ryanlerch
> [1] - http://www.libregraphicsmeeting.org/2011/
> [2] - http://create.freedesktop.org/wiki/Conference_2011/Submit_Talk
> [3] - http://river-valley.tv/conferences/lgm-2010
> About LGM:
> † " The Libre Graphics Meeting exists to unite and accelerate the
> efforts behind Free, Libre and Open Source creative software. Since
> 2006, this annual meeting is the premiere conference for developers,
> users and supporters of projects such as GIMP, Inkscape, Blender,
> Krita, Scribus, Hugin, the Open Clipart Library, and the Open Font
> Library who are gathered to work on interoperability, shared
> standards, and new ideas. Work at prior LGMs has pushed the state of
> the art in important areas such as color management, cross-application
> sharing of assets, and common interchange formats." --from the LGM
> website
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Hey Ryan!

I am in close contact with the organizing team of LGM 2011 and they
will be more that happy to see talk proposals by us.

I will offer them the chance to propose tools that they want to be
used during the LGM 2011 so I can build custom Design Suite Remix for
LGM 2011, ultimately resulting in changes on the Design Suite.

I believe it is a nice opportunity to promote Design Suite and get
some valuable feedback on the apps we should include.

Any ideas on that team?


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