1. The individuals added to the design pagure pre-date pagures ability to add FAS groups. Everyone who has membership in the "design-team" FAS group has the correct privs for the design team pagure. It is a duplicate effort to manage user perms in multiple systems, since pagure got this feature we manage perms for pagure in FAS only and do not manage perms on an individual level unless absolutely necessary anymore. If anyone on the team doesn't have permissions they need and are blocked in any system please let me know, I am happy to help. I haven't seen any complaints to this effect.

2. I don't think creating a separate icon theme is a good use of our limited time. Several of us have Xaviju's Inkscape symbol libraries set up on our inkscapw installs, which includes the gnome symbolic icons that are default in Fedora. I think it's better to just use that.

3. I'm sorry but I do not understand the points you were trying to make in ticket 620. Can you try rephrasing a different way? I can tell you my Fedora account is from 2004 so wherever you pulled account age information from, it's not correct and perhaps needs to be fixed. Let me know if you'd like me to look into that - I would need to know what system gave you that false info.


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Sorry I cannot be always on the team meeting:
I try to supply this with my emails and comments: 
1. Why can you add my account to https://pagure.io/design members?
Is this a new political into design-team area?
2. see my comment on :

3. see my comment on:

Thank you. Best regards. 

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